Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Labor of love the view of a Mother and her children.

A Labor of love the view of a Mother and her children.
Any of us who have been through childbirth know how painful yet joyful it can be to bring a new life into this world. Those of us who have adopted know the pain of waiting, praying, and hoping this will be the child. Anyway you look at it, it is a labor of love.

I want to concentrate on one Mother with this blog and her two awesome little girls. Okay now we all think our children are the best, they walk before any child ever thought of walking, they talk, smile and generally beat all of their peers out in advancing thought their toddler years, but these two little girls that I am blogging about are very special they are very unique and they are amazing little girls, because they have a Mother that is very special totally unique and with such a quiet soft spirit that moves with grace and understanding way beyond her years.

We were fortunate enough to have been invited to Jean’s house a few weeks ago, we were given directions which I got a giggle out of because of one of the landmarks this sweet lady would only put it was past the xxx store. Pretty easy to figure out her street was past the adult store, but her calling it the xxx sort of made me smile and touched my heart. Of course I messed up and didn’t quite understand her instructions, no we didn’t get lost, we did find the house just had to do a little stair climbing in order to get to see them all.

We were greeted by Tom and Jean invited in to meet the girls. They are so wonderful these two girls were very courteous and greeted us with huge smiles and told us they were working on the fruit kabobs, which indeed they were. They had made us some drinks which Jean offered us at the beginning of the visit, which by the way Jean, Cathy would love to have the girls recipe to make that drink it was delicious. The girls brought in the fruit kabobs and climbed up on the bar stools to join us. Huge smiles telling us to have some, which we did they were awesome they did a beautiful job. Natalie had left the room for a few minutes and Daddy had taken her chair, when she came back in she said very nicely Daddy may I please have my chair back, none of this “your in my chair” with demands.

Pearl gave us an mini-show of how well she can do cartwheels, I was impressed this child is very talented. I also took some time online and listened as well as watched a talent show that Natalie was in, the young lady has quite a voice, in all of this Jean is very encouraging to the girls, her presence is known to them as she is there recording all of this for the girls to have, will be cool for them to refer back to what they had done at a younger age to see how far they have come.

We then walked out to see the horses and feed them some carrots, of course Jean is a good Mom is ever so attentive with the girls making sure they are alright not in any danger. It was fun the horses are beautiful animals and Tom does enjoy his rides on them.

Back in the house to watch a video that the girls wanted to share and Natalie had a crystal she wanted to show us. Then they dug into the playdoh and proceeded to make all kinds of beautiful wonderful things, I know they were because there Mother made sure they knew she was proud of what they were doing. She asked the girls if they wanted the cookie cutters, Pearl wanted the little ones, only to be told Mom didn’t know where they were, was ok though Pearl did. With love and patience Jean lifted her up on the counter to pull the box down, the slight smile on her face said she didn’t mind doing anything this young spirit needed in order to grow and express herself.

Now I don’t hear very well, usually won’t go anywhere without my Cathy by my side as she tells me what is being said that I have missed and gives me a heads up on what is going on, but this gives me a unique advantage that I see way more than I hear, what I saw that day left me with a warm sweet feeling in my heart and such assurance that no matter what happens in life this one family here is going to be great.

You don’t hear any raised voices in anger in this house, could be that there is but we didn’t see any evidence of that really ever taking place. You don’t see any would you go play and leave me alone you see a total acceptance of these two little girls to be totally involved in their Mom’s life, was awesome to watch.
I know that in the years ahead as these two young girls grow and develop into young ladies that they have a basic solid foundation to build there personalities on, that they have the love and devotion of a Mom that really wears the fact that she is proud of her girls, that she will always encourage them to strive to do better and to try all those new things out in life. She is behind her daughters 150% and she shows it daily.

I am not saying that anyone is not a good parent if they are not this way with their children, I am only saying that this young woman so totally gets it, being a parent, that the depth of wisdom in this lady is astounding.
She totally understands that she was given a gift to share and she treats these gifts daily as a special privilege to have. Is easy to tell by the way these three interact with each other this is the normal routine they share with each other.

To you Jean I can only say kudos to being the kind of Mom that many kids long for. That you are doing an amazing job at being a Mother, and those two beautiful young girls that you are raising can only become a huge part of the solutions to some of the problems the world faces. It will be a privilege to watch them grow into beautiful young women, who I am sure will be very talented in many areas, cause they have a really cool Mom.

Please do not ever lose that quiet graceful spirit you have now, you will touch many many lives with your gentle nature.

Blessings n’ hugs



  1. It is hard to read this through the tears. Your words are so touching, and your friendship is priceless. Thank you so much, Julie.

  2. Jul, you are a sweet woman and I have no doubt that Jean is a wonderful mother. Though I've yet to meet her, I've known her online for years and see her in the same way that you do--as a woman of kindness, grace, and strength.

    I just loved this post and think that you are wonderful for taking the time to let Jean (and the rest of us!) know how much you admire her. ♥

  3. A great write Jul. Like Beth, I've never met Jean but have known her only on-line. I'm sure this brought tears to her eyes because it brought a couple to mine!!

  4. @Claudia, I am thank you very much.
    @Jean your welcome dear lady. I treasure our friendship.
    @Beth Thank you so much. Just so you know I love my nerdy friend.
    @Gary, thank you will say Jean is a very exceptional person, is an honor to be called her friend.

  5. I've never met Jean either but she's always given me the impression that she was exactly the type of person/mom that you've described. How lovely of you to have gotten the chance to witness it first hand...I'm glad that you had such a nice time :)

  6. I think more good mothers need to be noted and highlighted like you've done here for sweet Jean. All too often we only hear of the bad mothers. Well done Jul.

  7. *wiping a tear*
    What a beautiful tribute to our Jean and her girls, Juls.
    Jean is a jewel, and I wish more parents would take a page from her book.
    Makes me miss the playdough days with mine, as they are now 14,almost 16, and 25 & they can reach those high shelves on their own now.

  8. Such nice words for your friend. Reminds us all to take a breath and be the best that we can.

  9. How wonderful to be able to share in those moments with Jean, her girls and the family!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!! Many hugs to you and to Kathy and to Jean and her family too!

    Cheers, Jenn

  10. What a lovely post and glimpse of a great mom and her girls.


  11. I hope I get to meet Jean and her family one day. She's wonderful and it really shows in everything she does. The videos and photos she has posted of her girls are adorable! :-)

  12. This is a lovely post. Sounds like a great family

  13. What a beautiful tribute to an obviously outstanding woman written by another obviously outstanding woman. Your insight and love is amazing. Thank you for sharing this.

  14. Where I live, there's a xxx shop right next to the best place to get seafood in Southern New Jersey lol ironic doesn't cover it.

  15. Thank you all for the comments, this blog was fun to write and is sincere about a wonderful lady you all made some really nice comments about Jean just want to say they are true one day when you get the chance to meet Jean you will see. Again thanks so much for reading and commenting.
    Blessings n' hugs to all