Sunday, August 28, 2011


Well, doesn't that one little word open up huge possibilities within your mind, there are so many ways to long for something or someone and when you sit back and look at the world around you, the things one might long for is endless. I tossed this one around in my heart and mind for the better part of the day and well into the night trying to decide what I would do with this topic, many ideas wandered into my mind to be thrown out by my heart. Is tough to be one that writes from the heart, what you convey to the story has got to come from the heart if not, it is just not going to come together, will leave you feeling frustrated and ready to give up before you get started.

I have spent quite a bit of time pouring over many of your blogs, getting lost in your words and your ability to weave a story that one will stick with to see it through, knowing I do not have that within myself to do, almost quit blogging at all because I felt inadequate next to all the wonderful writers I was reading. Then to see the list of those of you who have actually been published, it was just okay wow you are so out of your element here. But I do like to share, and in sharing of course is the desire or rather the longing to be accepted for who I am and for what I write, and the way I write.

So, I am back and will be blogging weekly now, and will blog as I always have from the heart. I hope you enjoy what you are able to get out of my writing but also understand that no one person is loved or enjoyed by all.

Blessings n' hugs