Monday, May 16, 2011


Okay just setting up to see if this is going to work. Really looking forward to spending time with all of you again, been way to long, wanted to take just a few lines to say thanks to Beth for having the time and the desire to start this up again, and of course Alicia for starting us out in the first place. You both rock!
I am like Chris, don't pay any attention to my grammar errors, and the places where there should be . , : heck I graduated from high school was enough.

So checking it out until our first blog

Blessings n' hugs


  1. Hi Jul don't know if you remember me I was Jenn's Rambles on Myspace way back when. So excited for the GBE 2. Cheers!

  2. Looks good. Adding you to my Blogroll (list of favorite blogs) on mine.

  3. Thank you everyone, yes Jenn I do remember nice to see you around again.
    @ Beth would never let ya down lady, just gotta figure it all out. @ Poddy, thank you :)
    @ Kim I give you a 1st award thanks dear heart

  4. You've been awarded: